How to Remove Visitors from Outbound Analytics

Remove accidental impressions by your internal team from tracking in Outbound experience analytics

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Mutiny lets you easily run ABM campaigns by personalizing landing pages or experiences and then having your sales team use the corresponding links in their emails. See more on how outbound personalization works here.

Unfortunately, if your own team accidentally clicks on those links to test them out, you can get unwanted impressions that skew your metrics.

Mutiny lets you remove these impressions once and for all by selecting the specific impressions from a campaign that you want to ignore and removing them from your data.

How it works

Step 1 - Review your impressions

From your Outbound Experiences dashboard, click into any Outbound campaign. From there, you should see the ability to “Review” your impressions in the “Unique Visitors” box.

Step 2 - Find the impression you want to remove

From the modal, you can see and filter the impressions from your campaign by using the search box to limit your results by geolocation, account domain, or IP address.

Step 3 - Ignore impressions

Once you have selected the impressions you want to remove, click “Ignore from all campaigns” and those impressions will be removed from all of your Mutiny metrics.

Important Note: once you have hidden an impression, it will be removed from all campaigns and this can’t be undone. So make sure you get the right one!

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