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Adding new HTML elements to your site
Adding new HTML elements to your site

Mutiny allows you to add net new HTML elements to your site to see if an addition might drive conversion.

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Mutiny allows users to add new HTML elements to their websites easily, empowering B2B marketers to run a variety of experiments. Some common use cases for adding new HTML elements include:

  • Adding a secondary CTA, or an additional location for a primary CTA

  • Adding testimonial sections to showcase social proof and build trust with potential customers

  • Copy a section from another page

How to add new HTML elements

You can add elements from within the Mutiny editor by either clicking on the ... menu in the editor iframe, or from within the Layout dropdown in the sidebar:

Elements can be added either inside or outside an existing element - this means that the added element will be nested within the element (as a child) or outside the element (as a sibling). This choice potentially impacts the placement and styling of your element, depending on your website's structure and CSS.

Choosing an element type

Once you add an element, you will need to determine what type of element you would like it to be.

Once you've chosen your element type, you can either type or paste in the HTML for your element. If you are trying to copy an element from another location on your website:

  1. Right-click the element in your browser and choose "Inspect"

  2. Select the element, right click, and select "Copy element"

  3. Paste the HTML into your added element

What if my element is styled correctly?

If your added element isn't looking quite right, you can try a couple things:

  • Adjust the styling inline with the HTML

  • Update the HTML attributes and styles within the Code dropdown. If you have a similar element on the page that is styled correctly, you may be able to copy that element's Class to update the styling.

Demo walkthrough:

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