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How to use Mutiny's AI to rewrite your copy
How to use Mutiny's AI to rewrite your copy

Mutiny's AI takes your commands to help you get started with copy rewrites

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Writing marketing copy is difficult. Even if you know what to say, it can be hard to get over the hurdle of writing that first word when looking at a blank text box.

Thankfully, Mutiny's AI is here to help! It will take commands from you and rewrite your copy, presenting the result to you for you to edit or apply. It works for both on-page copy and Mutiny's components (banners, side pops, etc). Let's take a look at how to use it.

Step 1: Finding the AI chat interface

If you're editing the copy on your page, select any text element. In the tool bar on the right side, you'll see a button below the text box that says "Rewrite with AI." Click on this box to get started.

If you're working on a component, you'll see a sparkly icon next to several of the text fields you can edit. Click on that icon to start generating component copy.

Step 2: Working with Mutiny's AI

Once you've clicked either of those entry point buttons, our chat window will open. At this point, you can give it commands that you'd like it to execute on the copy. It knows about your business, so it's answers will be relevant to how your product works.

You can ask it almost anything! You can give it one command at a time, multiple commands, and even tell it to create html. Here are some examples.

  • Imagine you're talking to a devops engineer at a startup. Rewrite this copy to highlight how you will save them time

  • Highlight time savings

  • Simplify this copy

  • Shorten this to 100 words

  • Bold the key words

  • Mention that our product can save 36% of your engineering costs

  • Center this and include a link to where our name is mentioned

  • turn this into a three bullet list with html

Step 3: Applying the AI copy

Once you've received a response from our AI, you can edit the response in the text box we provide, click on the dismiss button to get rid of it, click on the double-square icon to copy it to your clip board, or click on the apply button to apply it to your page.

Step 4: Returning to the editor

Once you're done with the chat, hit the back arrow in the top left corner of the chat bar to go back to the normal editor. From here, you can save your changes.

What types of elements can I modify with AI?

You can modify any element, including elements with html. If you try to edit an element that is too large, we'll let you know that the request can't be completed. This typically only happens if the element has a lot of html in it, like an entire nav bar.

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