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Granting the Proper Salesforce Permissions for Mutiny and Salesforce
Granting the Proper Salesforce Permissions for Mutiny and Salesforce
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This document provides the comprehensive list of permissions necessary to sync inbound experience data from Mutiny to Salesforce properly. This is a common reason why the integration will fail to connect and/or sync.

Step 1 - Grant your User Permissions In Salesforce

Recommended approach: System Administrator

Our recommendation is to authorize an account with a System Administrator profile and who is checked as a Marketing User on their user record. If you do this, all permissions with be configured by default.

Alternative approach: Specific Permission Set

If you decide to authorize an account without the System Administrator profile, you need to manually update the Salesforce permissions. In that case please update the following settings:

In the User settings, assign the following permissions

  1. Check Marketing User

In the Profile settings assign the following permissions

  1. Check View Setup and Configuration

  2. Check Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions

  3. Check Modify All Data

  4. Check Customize application

  5. Check Manage profiles and permission sets

  6. Check to Read, Create, Edit, and Delete the Campaign object access

Step 2 - Reauthorize Salesforce User with correct Permission set in Mutiny

To reauthorize a Salesforce User with the correct permissions visit your Salesforce Integration page in Mutiny, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select "Reauthorize your account".

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